VR Regatta: The Sailing Game is the leading VR sailing game for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other popular VR headsets. Players engage in the most realistic recreation of the true sailing experience as they skim across the sparkling sapphire waters of a Caribbean paradise. Newcomers to sailing will learn the basic interactions of wind and water against sail and rudder, and will then be challenged to compete in demanding races in different conditions. Exploration, varying weather conditions and times of day, racing, challenges, a career path, and multiplayer modes make VR Regatta a varied and satisfying experience for both veterans and beginners.


Game studio MarineVerse was founded by a small group of passionate sailors and technologists, spread across the globe and working together through the internet. VR Regatta: The Sailing Game is the product of years of research, development, design, and testing. It was demonstrated at sailing and other sporting events around the world, and has attracted praise from several professional sailing bodies. The MarineVerse’s teams hard work culminated in a product that is not only an enjoyable video game experience, but also a solid introduction to the fundamentals of real sailing. After a year of early access, the official v1.0 of VR Regatta launched worldwide on 30 January 2018.

Following successful launch on Steam, the game was further improved with addition of extra tutorials, Daily Races and multiplayer improvements and on September 13th 2018 released on Oculus Home.

VR Regatta: The Sailing Game could not have become a reality without the assistance of Film Victoria’s assigned production investment funding.


  • Explore Akalana Islands, an idyllic Caribbean location offering sunrise, daytime, sunset & night sailing around bays, explorable islands and open seas
  • Learn the basics of sailing, including steering and speed management
  • Explore career mode, multiplayer exploration, races, challenges and more
  • A variety of models and accessories, including a small boat and a yacht style craft
  • Features for novices and pros alike, from beginner sailing academy to demanding long races

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