Respect others and be tolerant. Be a positive example in social media.


Make choices with integrity and take responsibility for your decisions. Protect confidential or proprietary information. 


Recognize and promote others whenever possible. Together we grow VR and make it accessible to as many people as possible.


Welcome people at events and in immersive reality with a positive attitude. Community is our focus and we want them to feel comfortable from the first moment they put on a headset.

How can you be a part of VRCB?

You identify with our values and would like to join? Let us give you some ideas how that can look like. But don't hesitate to write us, if your amazing talent is no listed!

Content Creator

Tournament Admin

Event Manager

Social Media Manager



Want to join us?

Membership in VR Community Builders is free for industry individuals who agree to follow our Code of Ethics that promotes positive, inclusive environments in virtual reality and beyond. Members will be featured on our website and information about your services will be passed on to potential sponsors and used to build teams for VR events.

Contact us for more information or fill out the application directly!