Skyfront is the fast-paced multiplayer FPS for VR junkies craving to jet around in zero-G and battle it out with equally eager opponents! The game launches the player into mesmerising arenas and offers an array of awesome weapons and impressive special abilities.

The game has already seen huge success in VR arcades around the world and consistently lands on the Springboard VR TOP 10 most played arcade games list. Skyfront has also proven its worth as a VR eSports title, with the global Skyfront arcade tournament organised by Virtual Athletics League drawing to a close this week. In addition, the studio has collaborated with Aerial Sports League and numerous individual arcades, incl. IMAX and IPG eSports, to organise local VR eSports events.

In 2300 AD, the battle to end all battles – The Final War – swept across our planet. In the destruction, cities exploded into ash and nations were transformed into whispers. The centuries of devastation mutated earth into a scarred and desolate ruin. By 2700 AD, the wars have finally been left behind and much of the planet has been rebuilt. Humankind has regained balance and is thriving once again. In this idyllic future, technological advancements have created ultimate synergy between physics and the laws of nature. To preserve the memory of our violent past, the monuments of old have been raised to the skies around the world. These colossal structures now serve as zero-gravity battle arenas, where the best warriors challenge each other to determine the Ultimate Champion in a symbolic competition called Skyfront. Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of the champions?

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