Contractors is a team-based competitive multiplayer first person shooter game for VR. Experience the next level virtual warfare with hardcore controls, lethal weapons, customizable load-outs and intense firefight!



·       Immersive Full body IK (Inverse Kinematics)

Full body IK system with precise and accurate pose feedback, there are many options for players to tune their Contractors thrilling action to their liking.


·       Realistic weapon control and handling

Weapons in Contractors take on the realistic approach, each weapon operates and handles differently, practice weapons in the shooting range to adapt advance technique such as tactical reloading will give you huge advantage in combat. Contractors also support gun stock mode with a revolution gun stock adjustment tool that works on all sort of gun stock products in the market.


·       Customizable character loadout system

Contractors features more than 30 weapons and many gadgets upon release, player can choose their most handy weaponries and save them in the loadout slot.


·       Objective-based game mode

Contractors adopted an object oriented competitive game mode, and an offline BOT team deathmatch game mode to get player familiar with the map or just looking for some bot killing fun.


·       Premium graphics and optimization

Contractors implemented Foveated feature, with huge optimization on overall quality of the maps. It achieves steady frame rate on VR ready machines.


·       Hub area with different activities.

Contractors has a shooting range serves as a general hub area for players. There are tons of activities and training drills to play around while waiting for a match to start.

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