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Sonya Haskins has been involved in VR esports as a professional player, marketing expert, and consultant. She has written extensively about competitive events and community-building opportunities in virtual reality and beyond.

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Sonya Haskins is a respected journalist, esports player, and community leader in the VR industry. She was the first female player to qualify for the VR League North American Regional Championships and helps manage social communities for some of the largest VR esports communities.

In 2019, Sonya founded VR Community Builders, a non-profit organization created to encourage the growth of positive, inclusive environments in immersive, social, and physical realities. VR Community Builders promotes individuals and groups who use VR to improve lives.

A native of East Tennessee, Sonya has traveled to numerous countries and visited three continents to talk about the positive impact virtual reality can have in the world. She has written eight books as well as hundreds of articles about VR gaming. You can find her work on various blogs and news outlets, including VR Fitness Insider, where she serves as VR Esports Editor.

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