AWE EU 2023 Suggestions for Building Brands

AWE EU 2023 Suggestions for Building Brands

September 23, 2023




Sonya Haskins

Considering the fact that companies typically spend between 5-25% of revenues or expected revenues on marketing, it’s wise to create a plan for how to best invest that money. At the Augmented World Expo (AWE), attendees can find ways to leverage XR to boost engagement, sales, and retention. Whether you’re a start-up or a well-known brand, marketing is an important part of a company’s overall package.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make the most of your marketing budgets and create an effective plan that will attract customers and build brand loyalty, join us at AWE in Vienna on October 24-25. There are plenty of talks to choose from covering various industry verticals, but I’d recommend the following specifically related to marketing.

(Note:  Summaries of talks here are my own notes for you here. Please see the full descriptions on the AWE EU 2023 website or via the links provided below.)

Just starting out? Check out these sessions:

Investor Q&A – Ask Us Anything

·        Leen Segers, Women in Immersive Technologies (WIIT) Europe

·        Andrey Lunev, Startup Wise Guys

·        Dave Haynes, FOV Ventures

Although this isn’t specific to marketing, the investors on this panel as well as other investors at AWE have a literal wealth of knowledge that can benefit any start-ups able to attend the sessions, engage in conversations, and focus on the advice they offer.

Building Safety and Privacy Guardrails for XR Advertising with Luis Martins of XR Safety Initiative (XRSI)

The discussion of purposeful, ethical marketing is essential as it’s possible to collect more consumer data than ever before and those same consumers are not well-educated on the practices or marketing techniques that could lead to exploitation. Whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been around for some time, this is an important discussion and we all should consider ways to create more safe & efficient XR ad campaigns.

Navigating Industry Challenges: Unearthing Collective Insights from VR/AR Professionals with Daniel Colaianni of AIXR

This talk is a little different because it relates to marketing from a community perspective. Asa community person, I love this! Daniel will share insights and strategies from other industry professionals as he shares their success stories and how they successfully navigated hurdles. This knowledge can help you form your own plan.

Credit:  Areous Ahmad via Pexels

Raising Awareness & Building Community

XR Advertising for Audiences that Have No Idea what ‘XR’ Means with Jacob Moss of The Wurst Agency & Margit Bittner of Bank Austria

This is one of my favorite titles because I very much enjoy talking about ways to reach the “average consumer” and this talk basically jumps straight to the heart of it. There’s no guesswork! Jacob & Margit are a perfect pairing for this talk as Jacob can relate the marketing side and Margit can speak to the fact that many people still have no idea what XR means, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be in awe of ads that utilize the technology. I look forward to this case study.

Behavioral Change Through XR Marketing with Katrine Konyher of Khora

There’s no doubt that marketing can change behavior. When M&M put logos all over Kyle Busch’s Nascar in 2018, it brought much increased attention & sales. Coca-Cola appeals to basic human desires and uses concepts like pleasure and happiness in their ads. They’re effective and increase sales. But what if you could make the world a better place through XR marketing? Would you do it? How? Katrine shares some case study results to tell us.

Marketing with AI

Exploring Generated AI Content in Augmented Reality Apps and Marketing with Rupert Breheny

Rupert Breheny, generative AI specialist who worked at Google for over 15 years, will share how generated AI can help in your creation of marketing content for AR games and aps. Rupert is an expert in this area and is sure to have some great insight and advice.

Credit: Sanket Mishra via Pexels

Brand Engagement / Immersive Shopping

How Avatars Can Help Companies & Brands Optimize Processes with Cai Felip of Union Avatars & Pedro Marín of Accenture

Improve customer satisfaction, drive cost savings, and elevate brand engagement with avatars.

From Point of Sale to Point of Story: XR's Role in Next-Gen Retail Spaces with Gabriella Chihan Stanley and Axel Dietrich of virsch

Discover how storytelling and the latest tech can help tell an engaging story that will engage customers and create an emotional connection. Any time you can engage customers on this level, it creates as sense of ownership or belonging, which increases customer loyalty.

Redefining Luxury Retail: An Exploration of Location-Based AR Experiences with Yoni Binstock of Atomic Digital Design

Augmented reality (AR) is a fantastic tool being used to create more immersive shopping experiences and Yoni can help you learn how high-end retailers are putting this to use.

Enhancing Memorability and Engagement: The Power of 3D & Augmented Reality for Display ADV with Mattia Salvi of Aryel

Display advertising has been around forever, but with the addition of 3D & augmented reality, brands can significantly enhance recall, reach, and engagement. Mattia will discuss how to overcome common issues by creating immersive experiences that capitalize on the capabilities this technology.

Discover Enhanced AR Indoor Navigation with aryve with Sascha Kiener of svarmony

Thoughtful design of retail spaces can make a difference in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Much of the work for an improved navigation experience has been done by svarmony and Sascha will explain what this looks like.

Digital Fashion - Instruments and Mechanics to Receive Marketing Results

·        Ashumi Sanghvi | MAD Global

·        Lili Eva Bartha | GN3RA

·        Dmitry Kornilov | +

·        Samantha Tauber | VNCII

This expert panel has worked with world-renowned brands and the knowledge between them is impressive. Join them for an overview of digital fashion and uses cases that can bring results whether you want to dip in to test the waters or come up with a long term plan.

Tickets / Discount Code

Register on the website to attend and use the code SPKR23D for a 20% discount off regular ticket prices (excludes VIP tickets).

Credit:  Eva Bronzini via Pexels

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