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Sep 17

AWE EU 2023 Suggestions for Healthcare Professionals

AWE EU 2023 in Vienna, Austria on October 24-25 features presentations and booths related to immersive tech utilized in industries related to healthcare, medicine, fitness, and overall wellness.

May 15

Rezzil’s Competition Series Seeks to Encourage Virtual Athletics

Rezzil encourages virtual athletics with training experience in immersive reality that can yield prizes for top performers. Included are modes dedicated to American football, soccer, basketball, racket sports, and reaction training.

Mar 15

Racket:Next VR Game Officially Sanctioned by International Racquetball Federation

One Hamsa's virtual reality game Racket:Next is officially sanctioned by International Racquetball Federation, an important step in acceptance of VR sports.

Oct 4

Benefits of VR for Fitness

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and VR gaming can be a tool for overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Jul 30

Gorilla Tag: High Intensity Fitness, Fun & Esports

An intense game with VR esports potential, Gorilla Tag is a fun fitness game with a rapidly growing community.

Jul 28

Supernatural VR Fitness App Update Focuses on Individuality and Efficiency

Fitness is an individual experience based on preferences, goals, health conditions and more. Supernatural VR app has added features to help members have the best possible fitness experience.

Jul 16

Michael Wells: A Fantastical Journey To Improved Wellness through VR Gaming

Michael Wells shares his amazing weight loss and fitness journey through the use of VR exercise.

Apr 21

VR Party League Collaborates with VR Sports Network to Create Opportunities

VR Party League and VR Sports Network come together to promote the sport aspect of VR gaming and provide broadcast coverage of events.

Mar 23

Beat Saber Esports Event Demonstrates Continued Commitment for VR Gaming in Turkey

Turkish VR esports enthusiasts are finally able to enjoy their first LAN VR competition this week thanks to help from the VR Rhythm League.

Mar 19

Accessibility Options and Community are Priorities for VRWorkout Developer

VRWorkout developer Michael Gschwandtner talks about his inspiration for the game and current development, including engagement with and accessibility options for the community.

Mar 4

“Omni One” Virtual Reality Treadmill Continues to Attract Investors

Omni One, a compact omni-directional treadmill designed to fit in any room in the home, is attracting investors and receiving positive comments from people who have had an opportunity to try the product prior to anticipated release later this year.

Mar 1

Sail Into VR Esports with MarineVerse Cup Winter Games

MarineVerse Cup Winter Games 2021 Competition is part of the VR Winter Games presented by Virtual Athletics League (VAL) and participants can sail in daily races for an opportunity to win prizes.

Aug 30

Practical Solutions to Avoid Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality

Discover practical solutions to avoid motion sickness in virtual reality.

Jun 21

WalkOVR Provides a Locomotion Solution for VR

WalkOVR is a motion capture system that translates to natural locomotion in immersive environments.

May 1

Suggestions for Seated Players in Echo Combat

Learn some tips that will help you enjoy Ready At Dawn's zero-gravity first-person shooter, Echo Combat, as a seated player.

Aug 12

International Beat Saber Tournament Poised to Make History as Largest VR Arcade Event EVER

Virtual Athletics League's International Beat Saber Tournament set to be largest VR esports event ever hosted through VR arcades.

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