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Mar 17

Population: One's Metropolis Doubles as Battle Royale Map and Social Experience

BigBox VR introduces a fantastic neon city map with their Metropolis update for Population: One, a battle royale game for the Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headsets.

Oct 14

Social Events Highlight Pop One 1-year Anniversary

Community groups such as E4E plan various social events with player engagement in celebration of Pop One 1-year anniversary.

Jul 14

Community-Building Esports Event Coming to Population: One VR Game

Pop One leaders from clans, groups & leagues to host positive, inclusive community event.

May 30
2021 Launches VR Esports League Platform with Population: One Tournament

VREvolution launches their new VR esports league platform with a Population: One tournament.

Apr 15

VR Esports Players Strengthen Community Bonds With Population: One Competitive Event

VR esports players from Solaris and Hyper Dash compete to see which players can claim a title in BigBox VR's Population: One VR battle royale game.

Mar 6

Population: One Welcomes Rookies During Saturday’s Community Day

During Population: One's Community Day, rookies are encouraged to party up with veteran players to learn skills, ask questions, and make friends in BigBox VR's popular battle royale game.

Feb 26

BigBox VR’s Season One: Uprising Brings Tons of New Content and Social Features to Population: One

BigBox VR's Season One: Uprising update arrives to Population: One with new content and social features that continue to keep the battle royale game acutely fresh and exciting for VR esports enthusiasts.

Feb 9

BigBox VR Unveils Early Details for Population: One Season One

Population: One fans will soon discover more information about the Seekers and the Uprising that took place in the world somehow overtaken by the Bureau. BigBox VR announced a major update with the launch of Population: One Season 1, "Uprising" that will include 10-weeks with new free content, new weapons, map updates, and some highly-requested features to this game that has captured over $10 million in sales within three months after launch.

Oct 6

Population: One Will Take Gaming to New Heights; Release Date October 22

Population: One from BigBox VR is the battle royale experience VR enthusiasts have been waiting for, featuring a fantastic combination of climbing, building, and flying that would be impossible outside the realm of immersive reality.

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