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Aug 10

Blaston Hosts Championship with over $10K in Prizes

Learn more about Blaston Championship 2022 and compete with other VR esports enthusiasts for a prize pool worth over $10K. Hosted by developer Resolution Games.

Mar 15

Racket:Next VR Game Officially Sanctioned by International Racquetball Federation

One Hamsa's virtual reality game Racket:Next is officially sanctioned by International Racquetball Federation, an important step in acceptance of VR sports.

Dec 6

PvP Dueling in VR: An In-Depth Look at Resolution Games’ Blaston

Resolution Games' Blaston offers PvP dueling in virtual reality. Find out more about the game and also check out the video interview with Mathieu Castelli, Resolution Games’ chief creative officer.

Oct 14

Social Events Highlight Pop One 1-year Anniversary

Community groups such as E4E plan various social events with player engagement in celebration of Pop One 1-year anniversary.

Oct 4

Benefits of VR for Fitness

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and VR gaming can be a tool for overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Jul 30

Gorilla Tag: High Intensity Fitness, Fun & Esports

An intense game with VR esports potential, Gorilla Tag is a fun fitness game with a rapidly growing community.

Jul 28

Supernatural VR Fitness App Update Focuses on Individuality and Efficiency

Fitness is an individual experience based on preferences, goals, health conditions and more. Supernatural VR app has added features to help members have the best possible fitness experience.

Jul 22

Larcenauts: Immersion Overload Update Adds Key Immersive Features

Impulse Gear introduces updates for Larcenauts VR multiplayer hero-shooter with more immersive features; Article also addresses community and esports.

Jul 21

Ready Player Golf VR Tournament on Oculus Quest to Benefit XRSI

Ready Player Golf is hosting a charity golf tournament in Pro Putt by Topgolf VR game to benefit XRSI.

Jul 16

Michael Wells: A Fantastical Journey To Improved Wellness through VR Gaming

Michael Wells shares his amazing weight loss and fitness journey through the use of VR exercise.

Jul 15

Party Time in Echo Arena with 2v2 VR Esports Event

VR Party League announces Echo Arena 2v2 VR esports tournament.

Jul 12

Echo Arena Rookies Have Opportunity to Experience VR Esports

Echo Arena Rookie Cup provides newer players with opportunity to experience VR esports in virtual zero-g arena.

Jun 22


VR Hockey League Season 4 Begins with an Upset

VR Hockey League Season 4 details, schedule, and first game results

Apr 21

VR Party League Collaborates with VR Sports Network to Create Opportunities

VR Party League and VR Sports Network come together to promote the sport aspect of VR gaming and provide broadcast coverage of events.

Mar 1

Sail Into VR Esports with MarineVerse Cup Winter Games

MarineVerse Cup Winter Games 2021 Competition is part of the VR Winter Games presented by Virtual Athletics League (VAL) and participants can sail in daily races for an opportunity to win prizes.

Mar 1

Slay Zombies During The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Winter Games Event

Find out how to enter The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Winter Games competition where you can slay walkers, strive for high scores, and see if you can survive the walkers you'll encounter in the desolate city of New Orleans.

Feb 26

BigBox VR’s Season One: Uprising Brings Tons of New Content and Social Features to Population: One

BigBox VR's Season One: Uprising update arrives to Population: One with new content and social features that continue to keep the battle royale game acutely fresh and exciting for VR esports enthusiasts.

Feb 20

Onward Rookie Bootcamp Spring Tournament Introduces New Players to Popular Quest Port Game

The Onward Rookie Bootcamp Spring Tournament kicks off today at noon ET, featuring over a dozen rookie teams that are new to competitive Onward, a popular VR first-person mil-sim from Downpour Interactive that captured over $10 million in revenue on the Quest alone last year.

Feb 15

Titan Teacher: Theta of Onward VR

VR community member Theta shares how he began creating positive training videos for fans of Onward and other VR first-person-shooter games.

Feb 9

BigBox VR Unveils Early Details for Population: One Season One

Population: One fans will soon discover more information about the Seekers and the Uprising that took place in the world somehow overtaken by the Bureau. BigBox VR announced a major update with the launch of Population: One Season 1, "Uprising" that will include 10-weeks with new free content, new weapons, map updates, and some highly-requested features to this game that has captured over $10 million in sales within three months after launch.

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