Social Events Highlight Pop One 1-year Anniversary

Social Events Highlight Pop One 1-year Anniversary

October 14, 2021




Sonya Haskins

Each gaming community has a unique story that includes development, evolution, and overall attitude of individuals and the group as a whole. Shared experiences among players in many of these communities can have tremendous impact on their lives as well as the lives of others. Fortunately some groups such as Population: One E4E are encouraging positive, inclusive environments that focus on social and emotional as well as physical wellbeing of players.

VR games provide plenty of opportunities for fitness at all levels and social interaction within the communities takes place through various venues including in game, through stream chat, on platforms such as Discord or Facebook, in person, etc. Engaging activities typically help playerbase retention and they can be emotionally rewarding as people begin to realize that they are part of a greater community that cares about them.

Papillon DeFer initially tried virtual reality exactly one year ago when Oculus released the Quest 2 on October 13, 2020. She posted a note on her Facebook page about how she had gone into space and then fell on the floor as she looked down at the Earth. She also did some boxing in Survios’ Creed: Rise to Glory, and she became a squirrel.

“Always wondered what it would be like to be a squirrel,” she shared with her friends in a Facebook post.

A couple of weeks later, Papillon tried Population: One and although she initially played only sporadically, her commitment to the game and community increased after she began to develop friendships with other players. Later she founded the Population: One community Events For Everyone (E4E) with a small leadership team that consists of herself, Surjical Gaming, and MusicsAnts.

“I enjoy creating events that bring people together,” she says, adding that she wants to give them a positive place to belong.

Credit: Portrayal of Pop One characters by DirtyMonkee.

Players in the E4E group get together regularly to chat on Discord or Facebook and of course to play in game.

In fact, some of the most creative community events taking place in Population: One are through the E4E group. While quite a few groups focus on the competitive aspect since the game is well-suited to esports, E4E is designed to appeal to all players, including beginners and casual players. There are also supportive groups within the E4E community to encourage players who might be going through a rough time or navigating life as a single parent, for example. These are great examples of how immersive communities can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Population: One

BigBox VR’s popular battle royale game released on October 22, 2020 and immediately had a relatively large number of VR gamers interested in the game. In fact, within the first three months after launch, the game had captured over $10 million in sales. There have been regular events and updates to the game, with the developers striving to provide an optimal engaging experience for players.

With the support of in-game tools, encouragement through social media, and regular interaction with players, BigBox has shown a genuine interest in the community. In honor of the one-year anniversary and in appreciation of the community, game, and developers, there are a series of events being hosted by E4E and other groups. You’ll find links to the individual groups and events on the Population: One community Discord server and various social media platforms.

Pop One E4E Anniversary Events

On October 23 there will be a series of E4E anniversary events that exemplify how much players appreciate the game and show potential for VR gaming and how communities can be created, nurtured, and thrive. Everyone is welcome to attend and/or view these events.


An international event designed to highlight and promote the inclusivity of Population: One, players from around the globe can take part in the E4E United Nations event.

The following game modes have previously been released in the game and will be used during the United Nations event:  Squads, War, Team Deathmatch, and Legions.

Players can find out more about the event and register to participate in the E4E Discord server in the #united-nations channel.


  • Saturday, October 23
  • Event begins at 8:30 pm BST | 3:30 pm EDT | 12:30 pm PDT

A select group of Population: One All Stars will face off in a 4-round event as they explore previous game modes. The competition will be streamed on various content creator pages and profiles for viewers who are familiar with the game or want to learn more about it.

“LIVE AT KINGDOM” – Live Music Concert

  • Saturday, October 23
  • Event begins at 9:30 pm BST | 4:30 pm EDT | 1:30 pm PDT

This is going to be a spectacular event featuring top streamers and content creators, well-known personalities, and talented musicians from the Population: One community. This is an exclusive E4E event with the potential to raise the bar for how VR gaming communities create and engage in social events.


Throughout the E4E festivities there will be exclusive VIP interviews with some of your favorite Pop One people. Papillon points out that they range from leisure to competitive players, but “you’re guaranteed to have heard of these names!”

Where to Watch

Tune in to JTDubzZ_VR for coverage of E4E events. JT does a lot of casting for Population: One and has been a prominent personality in various events such as the community cup held earlier in the summer.

You can also tune in or stop by to show appreciation to hosts, performers, and streamers/content creators.



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