AWE EU 2023 Suggestions for Artists and Creators

AWE EU 2023 Suggestions for Artists and Creators

October 1, 2023




Sonya Haskins

Artists interested in emerging tech will find opportunities to learn and engage with other innovative creators at AWE EU 2023 in Vienna, Austria on October 24-25. As Head of Programming for AWE, I respond to inquiries and recently we received one related to the benefit of attendance for artists. I thought it might be useful to share some details about the event for those specifically interested in this area.

Augmented World Expo is the world’s leading AR/VR conference and expo with events in the USA, Asia, and Europe. AWE events regularly bring together a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors and top press in a unique opportunity to learn, inspire, partner and experience firsthand one of the most exciting industries of our times.

There are eleven distinct agenda tracks covering areas of the industry such as enterprise, start-ups & investors, gaming & entertainment, and AI & virtual beings. Sessions in the Developer & Creator track will be of particular interest to artists, but there are others scattered throughout the agenda.

Although presentations are made available on the AWE YouTube channel after the event, one of the benefits of attendance in person is that you have the opportunity to meet amazing speakers, exhibitors, and attendees who are pioneers in various genres of emerging and immersive tech. During networking opportunities, including the the After Party on Tuesday, October 24, we recommend that you connect with speakers and fellow attendees. While many of us conduct our business online these days, the ability to network in person at events can be incredibly beneficial.

Several artists whose work features or focuses on XR will be at AWE in Vienna, but here are a few you might want to connect with in particular.

Featured Speakers

Sergiu Ardelean, founder of Artivive, is a visionary who sees the intersection of technology and creativity as a way to connect with diverse audiences and inspire them through new dimensions of artistic expression.

Gerda Leopold, formerly a painter in Berlin, became interested in new forms of storytelling through immersive experiences.

Tamiko Thiel, a visionary pioneer, has been exploring topics such as space, the body and cultural identity for over 35 years through AI, AR, and VR.

Christopher Widauer, artistic director for The Mozart Experience Vienna, consults in digital transformation of cultural institutions.

Credit to Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

Content of Particular Interest to Artists

While we always recommend that everyone visit the AWE EU 2023 website to plan a schedule that best fits your personal goals, there are some sessions that should be particularly appealing to artists and creators. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Featured Sessions              

Beyond Realms: Exploring Artistic Dimensions in Creative XR Industries with Manuel Bonell and Flavia Mazzanti of Immerea

Democratizing AR Workflow: AI Powered Tools for the Next Generation of Creators with Paige Piskin of White Glove Media and Maria Nova

XR and AI - Exploring the Value of Generative Content with Christopher Widauer of The Mozart Experience Vienna and Andreas Fraunberger of the Junge Römer GmbH

Thinking in 3D- The Emerging Skills Evolution Driving the Immersive Storyworlds Industry with Lou Doye

Playful Filters to Powerful Tech: The Evolution of Social AR with Arthur Bouffard and Max van Leeuwen

Full Potential of Technology: Creating Value, Not Just Solutions with Sergiu Ardelean and Michaela Konrad

There are also a few panels that should appeal to artists, creators, brand representatives and others wanting to discover more about immersive tech and how it reshapes arts, marketing, and culture. There will be an opportunity following each discussion for questions.

Credit to Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels

Featured Panels

Dream It, Build It: How European Creators Give Us a New Perspective on Local History and Modern Daily Life with AR

  • Donatien Bozon, Snap, Inc.
  • Oscar Falmer, Snap, Inc.
  • Marcin JP, Flat Pixel
  • Audrey Niochau, Busterwood

Reshaping Arts, Narratives & Talents in the Era of Immersive & Emerging Tech

  • Alexandra Payne, Outernet Global
  • Fabien Barati, Emissive
  • Liz Rosenthal, Venice International Film Festival
  • Elisabetta Rotolo, MIAT

AR Lightning Round

  • Richard Guga, nettle
  • Zuza Sliwinska, Lenslist
  • Yasmin Asan, Voxel Architects
  • Georg Hobmeier, Causa Creations
  • Ben Livne Weitzman, WAVA AR

Digital Fashion - Instruments and Mechanics to Receive Marketing Results

  • Ashumi Sanghvi, MAD Productions
  • Lili Eva Bartha, GN3RA
  • Dmitry Kornilov, FFFACE.ME
  • Samantha Tauber, VNCCII

Entertainment & Culture and Technology: The State of the Austrian XR Scene

  • Gerda Leopold, Amilux Film
  • Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, Vienna Business Agency
  • Stephanie Meisl, FULL Future Consulting
  • Rachel Bracker, Hungry Mantis


The Playground at AWE features immersive and interactive demos and some of these will inspire artists so we'd also recommend making time on your schedule to visit the Playground area. Learn more about this year's demos here.

How to Attend

Register here for tickets.

Use the code SPKR23D for a 20% discount off regular ticket prices (excludes VIP tickets).

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