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Echo Combat Community Offers A Zero-Gravity FPS League

Echo Combat, a VR first-person shooter from Ready At Dawn, has a dedicated community committed to the second season of Echo Combat Mega League, which kicks off in March. Learn more about the history of Echo Combat and also how to sign up for this community-driven league.


Young Entrepreneur Helps Bond VR Community

Josh Fontak, a 17-year-old from Pennsylvania, runs his own business selling clothing and merchandise to VR enthusiasts, gamers, and esports competitors.


Collegiate VR Esports League Gears Up for New Season

Collegiate level teams can register for CVRE Season 6 in Beat Saber and Echo Arena. Find more information and registration links here.


High School VR League Launches Today!

A new VR esports league that caters specifically to high school students launches today in North America with plans to include three of the most popular titles in virtual reality. In this league, students have an opportunity to participate in immersive competitions that test their stamina, coordination, accuracy, and more.


Team NOVA Announces Roster for Echo Arena

It's always exciting when new VR esports teams go take the time to do marketing to promote their "brand." Check out this announcement from VENOM and Team Nova, a newly formed team preparing for VR league season 4.


Suggestions for Seated Players in Echo Arena

Echo Arena is one of the most accessible games in the VR market and in this article you'll learn some tips on how to enjoy the game as a seated player and still compete at the top levels of the game.


Collegiate VR Esports League Launches Season 2

Collegiate VR esports continues to grow as the CVRE launches season 2 with more teams competing in solo and team VR esports like Beat Saber and Echo Arena.

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