The High School VR League features games that take full advantage of the immersive environment of virtual reality. While students can play games like Beat Saber and Hyperdash at beginner levels and have a nice workout, when you play competitively, even students who are accustomed to traditional sports such as basketball or soccer say the workout from these games is intense.


In addition to ranked play in the league, students are encouraged to participate in League Nights. These are community-building events where students can try any VR game that interests them. It's a great opportunity to try out new games for possible inclusion in future seasons of HSVRL, jump into a beta for a yet-unreleased game, or check out a popular title that isn’t included in the league lineup.

Schools can host league nights as a club activity for their students and of course teens with access to a headset can participate from their own homes.


Any high school student age 13 and over is invited to become part of the community and participate in this exciting high school league open to teenage VR enthusiasts in public, private, homeschool, and distance learning environments.

Social distancing is taken into consideration and there are recommendations on the website for those who will be participating in the league at a physical location. There are also advisors in the community who can help schools, homeschool groups, and others establish a local VR gaming club.

Please refer to the High School VR League website for more information.

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