Flamingo Challenge Developer Guide

Flamingo Challenge Developer Guide

April 10, 2022


VR Esports


Mr. Walter Melon

(Note:  The Flamingo Challenge Developer Guide was created by BiffBish of ECRanked.com.)

There is indeed a best strategy to the Flamingo Challenge that may give you a slight edge on the competition! Here are 6 tips to win!

Ignore all map based challenges

You are safe to ignore the map based season challenges. They all are guaranteed to be completed regardless of what you do. Just be sure to play 600 games within the season, get 35 games at least once in a day, and 100 games in a week at least once to complete all of the map and pub challenges.

Go for the daily loadout challenges first!

Immediately when you start you should dedicate the first 4 days to knocking out the 12 loadout based challenges by playing a different weapon, ordnance, and tac-mod each day and sticking with it until you earn the challenges. It's ok if you fail because you can try again the next day. The rest of the first week should be you trying to complete the other daily challenges.

Go for the weekly loadout challenges second

Once you complete your daily loadout challenges and a new week starts choose 4 loadouts that have all different equipables and choose one each week to focus and stick with. Be very sure to stick with it and not mess up otherwise you have to try again next week. Once you complete the 3 corresponding challenges for the week you're free to do whatever you want the rest of the week.

Stick with your teammates and be aggressive

During your weekly loadout challenges try and choose whether your going to be supportive and stick close to teammates (for example, holding onto their back and healing them or providing assistive fire) or choose to be super aggressive (for example, sneaking up on enemies and grabbing onto them while lowering their health with a pulsar or stunning enemies and killing them in a group with a nova). Doing these will knock out the teammate proximity and enemy proximity challenges easily.

Try not to die too much in the beginning

Due to there being both a total death challenge and a minimum death challenge it may seem like there isn't a way to do both. However, if you focus the first couple of weeks on trying to stay alive (by staying back with a comet or using heals) you can knock out the death challenges early on to give you time to rack up deaths over the season.

Go for all loadouts during the season

By far the most difficult challenge is the season loadout challenge. It requires you to use all 64 possible loadouts at least once. This will take time and require going to the website often to see what loadouts you haven't used. However, there is some help I have provided. When you go to the website, open the season loadout challenge and click the bar to keep the box open and you can scroll through all the loadouts you haven’t used yet. Be sure to try and use them in your upcoming games!

And the most important thing is to have fun and not be too frustrated if you fail some challenges. One of the reasons we created the Flamingo Challenge is to get players to use different weapons/items than they’re used to or favor, which in turn changes how games are played and teaches new strategies to elevate your skill in combat and make everyone a better player. Now that you have read this fully through you will have a significant edge on the competition and be able to get to 100% first!

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